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What do I do about my Trade-in?
What do I do about my Trade-in?

You have three choices:

- sell it privately
- sell it through ( or
- sell it to the dealer

Selling it privately or selling it to the dealer each have their own advantages and disadvantages,
which we outline below:

Selling your car privately


- You will probably get more money for your trade-in, assuming that you present it well


- You will have to incur expenses on items such as advertising, roadworthy, and detailing (cleaning and appearance renovation). These may not be minor amounts.
- These tasks will take time.
- You probably will have to use up a fair amount of physical and emotional energy to sell your car privately.

Selling your car to the dealer


- Hassle free.
- Immediate payment or offset against the purchase cost of your new car.
- Avoid advertising, roadworthy repair expenses


- You may get less money for your trade-in as compared to selling privately

Just as you save money if you paint your own house or do your own home repairs and maintenance, you will probably get a higher price for your trade-in if you sell it privately.

On the other hand, do you want the hassle? Do you have the time?

The decision is yours to make.

Valuing your trade-in

To assist you in obtaining an approximate value for your trade-in, Discount New Cars has subscribed to the motor industry's leading guide to car values - the Red Book Guide. These values are updated monthly by Red Book, according to industry practice.

Please note that our Red Book Guide values are exactly those supplied to car dealers, not an adjusted version. Thus, these are the values car dealers use as a guide. Currently, Discount New Cars only provides trade-in valuations for cars less than 10 years old

It is only a guide however - the condition and mileage of your vehicle plus local market conditions at the time you trade, will determine the final value.

It is nearly always worth giving your new car supplying dealer an opportunity to purchase your trade-in. He is interested in supplying you with your new car so he will be motivated to give you a good price.

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