The very competitive New Car market, changes to car company advertising policies, as well as the Growth in Makes and Models available to the new car buyer in Australia has made it very difficult to be certain that a price displayed on a vehicle available for sale is in fact the best price available to a shopper in market. There are many variables that will assist a dealer in making a decision on the deal they wish to do when selling new cars.

Unfortunately as we can no longer guarantee this to be the case we feel we can no longer provide this as a service to a Union Member. We thank you for your support in the past.

We are still very confident that by selecting a New Car advertised on this site you will be referred to a respectable new car dealer who is very keen to be given the opportunity to service your new or demonstrator needs.

(Note from ACTU)
"Due to this change the partnership between Discount New Cars and ACTU has been discontinued by mutual consent. Car Sales remains committed to our customers and will continue to refer your enquires to our approved dealer network"

Thank you - Discount New Cars on behalf of the Carsales network...